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AEG Appliances

AT Murray Oakley we proudly stock AEG COOKING, DISHWASHING & LAUNDRY APPLIANCES, Advanced technology combined with style and award-winning design.

Whether you’re cooking an old favourite or exploring new territory, what matters most is achieving precisely the tastes and textures you want. Which is why the new AEG range of built-in appliances are all designed to help you create exactly the flavours you’re aiming for.

Our advanced technology and intuitive features give you the control and flexibility to serve up perfect meals, every time.

Taking steam ovens
to the next level

Introducing the new Pro Combi Plus steam oven, bringing the professional cooking experience to your home.

Now you can be sure of exactly the right amount of steam to create delicious results every time – effortlessly. The ProCombiPlus™ steam oven features our advanced humidity sensor to ensure the ideal taste, texture and colour when roasting meat, steaming vegetables, baking soufflés or making delicious SousVide dishes.


The unique VarioGuide gives you intuitive access to an extensive range of dishes, where the oven automatically recommends the ideal temperature, humidity and cooking time, which you can further adjust as desired.

Our Range Includes

  • AEG Cooking

    AEG Cooking

    AEG delivers the ultimate in style and performance, combining advanced technology with award winning design. Find the perfect cooking solution with AEG's vast range of cooktops, ovens, microwaves and rangehoods....

  • AEG Coffee

    AEG Coffee

    The AEG automatic espresso is designed to complement your other AEG kitchen appliances perfectly in design and finish. It delivers the perfect coffee every time with Temperature, coffee strength and coffee size all easily adjustable....

  • AEG Dishwashers

    AEG Dishwashers

    AEG dishwashers are designed to fit in any kitchen and handle any size load. Our XXL tub gives ten litres more loadable volume than any on the market, while keeping the same external dimensions....

  • AEG Laundry

    AEG Laundry

    All AEG washing machines and dryers take exceptional care of your clothes, whether your load is small or large, with stubborn stains or delicates, making sure they stay looking newer for longer....